It’s the game of the name...

General pic of mum and baby
General pic of mum and baby
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JACK and Sophie remained the most popular names given to baby boys and girls in 2011 - in Scotland, in Fife, and among Fife Free Press readers!

We took a look through our birth announcements over the last year to see if there was any significant difference between what people in the area were calling their children and what the most popular names were nationally, as revealed by the General Register Office of Scotland last week.

And while there were quite a variety of names, and quite a few unique ones, the long-standing favourites Jack and Sophie still emerged on top.


Behind those, however, our list did vary somewhat, especially among the boys, with the next most popular names including Dylan, Joseph, Cole, Jayden, Jacob, Ollie and Daniel, with only Jayden (Fife) and Daniel (Scotland), featuring in the other top tens.

For the girls, only Charlotte (28th in Scotland) and Robyn (83rd in Scotland) featured more than once.

Among the more unusual names for girls in the FFP list were Kyla, Helena-Ann, Arianna, Miryn, Alara, Alba, Tillie and Aisling, while the boys included Shay, Marlo, Kash, Camden and Kaleb.


Nationally, while the top places changed little, among the boys there were some high climbers outside the top ten, including Riley (up 22 places to 17), Mason (up 24 to 31) and Ruaridh (up 45 to 85), while dropping down the list were Liam (down 15 places to 24), Ross (down 27 to 76), and Declan (down 17 to 98).

The girls saw large rises for Sophia (up 25 places to 18), Lilly (up 27 to 42), Sofia (up 24 to 60), Kara (up 21 to 75), Mirren (up 33 to 95) and Ayla (up 58 to 99), while falling were Aimee (down 15 places to 48), Skye (down 16 to 53), Georgia (down 14 to 79), Nicole (down 17 to 80) and Lucie (down 18 to 88).