It’s time Kirkcaldy honoured ‘our Jocky’

Pete Slessor holding front page of the FFP celebrating the life of Jocky Wilson
Pete Slessor holding front page of the FFP celebrating the life of Jocky Wilson

A local man has reiterated a call for Kirkcaldy to pay tribute to one of its most famous sons.

Pete Slessor was a friend of darts legend Jocky Wilson and said he is disappointed that as yet there has been no recognition of his achievements in his home town.

Jocky Wilson

Jocky Wilson

He said: “When Jocky died in 2012 I spoke to one or two councillors who seemed to think it was a good idea.

“It’s been almost two years since he passed away and still there’s nothing with his name on it.

“I think it’s time his home town did something remember him.”

In a glittering career, Jocky Wilson was twice crowned winner of the World Darts Championship, as well as winning a host of other titles.

Ill health brought a premature end to his playing days and after a long period of illness he passed away in March 2012, aged 62.

Jimmy Skirving was a close friend of Jocky’s and still has the darts Jocky used when winning his first world championship.

He says he’s sure Jocky himself would liked to have been remembered.

He said: “I’d absolutely back this idea and Jocky would have liked it too.

“There were plans to do something a few years ago in the Mercat but that came to nothing which is a shame.

“I don’t think something like a plaque would cost too much to pay tribute to someone who helped put Kirkcaldy on the map.

“The worry is that too much time goes past and then doing something for Jocky just gets forgotten about, so I’m really glad Pete is trying to do this.”

Councillor Neil Crooks has given his backing to Pete’s suggestion.

He said: “I’ve spoken to Pete and I agree that there should be something to remember Jocky.

“As part of the Kirkcaldy Ambitions group I have this idea to use the Sea Wall or the Storm Road to commemorate famous sons and daughters of Kirkcaldy and I think Jocky would fit in very well there.

“To my knowledge Jocky is the only world champion we have had - and a double one at that.

“He was a legend”