It takes four to Tango

Tango in the Attic (l-r) Jim Crook,  Jordan Craig, Jonathan McFarlane and Paul Johnson
Tango in the Attic (l-r) Jim Crook, Jordan Craig, Jonathan McFarlane and Paul Johnson

GLENROTHES band Tango in the Attic are preparing to round off a successful 2012 with a special Fife gig.

The four-piece are excited to be playing on home-turf again when they entertain the crowd at the Greenside Hotel in Leslie later this month.

In the last 12 months, Jordan Craig, Jonathan McFarlane, Paul Johnson and Jim Crooks, have enjoyed two trips to the States and released their second album, ‘Sellotape’.

And the gig in Leslie on December 21 is a great way to celebrate some good news the boys received last week - they have been invited to play SXSW (South by Southwest), a huge music festival in Texas, in March.

Jim, who plays bass, told the Press: “Earlier this year we played SXSW, which was a great experience.

“It’s a musical conference and is one of the biggest in the world.

“It’s a great place for unsigned talent, whatever your musical style, whether it’s indie, metal, rock, whatever, it covers them all.

“It’s where any untapped talent goes to try and get noticed.

“It’s a good chance to sell ourselves, have a laugh and last time we gathered booking agents and radio pluggers, who previously hadn’t heard our stuff before.

“We’re looking forward to going back next year.

“We’re just one of a few Scottish bands who have been invited to play in 2013, there’s others like The View and Bwani Junction.

“We released a video ‘Mona Lisa Overdrive’, which we filmed parts of over there, and it’s a good summary of the experience at SXSW.

“We love America.

“We’ll go out there any chance we are offered.

“It’s such a different experience from here.

“We’ll hopefully do a week or two touring over there after the festival.”

It was on the return from this year’s festival that Tango released ‘Sellotape’, the follow up album to ‘Bank Place Locomotive Society’.

“‘Sellotape’ has been doing brilliantly across Europe and Japan,” said Jim.

“We put a lot of time in to it, and a lot of sweat and we had aspirations for it to do well.

“When something does do well and you get a lot feedback like we have, it’s great.

“Our music is something we love doing and it’s close to our hearts. So it’s good other people like it too.”

Jim said the album release and SXSW were highlights from this year, but also their trip to New York was too.

He said: “We went back to America to play the CMG Music Marathon. That was a week and a half of playing non-stop.

“When you grow up listening to The Strokes and the likes, when you play in the same venues they started off playing, that’s a huge thing for anyone.”

But before all their thoughts turn to the USA, the band can’t wait for their next Fife gig.

“We always look forward to a Greenside gig,” Jim said.

“It’s extra special because we’re going to play with our friends, Davey Horne.

“It’s going to be great to play on the bill with them and because it’s Black Friday everyone will be in the mood for a party.

“Playing at the Greenside is great as it’s close to our friends and family.

“Sometimes when you’re playing gigs it’s just to promote a product, but this time it’s just for fun. It’s Christmas and it’s going to be great.”

Tango in the Attic play the Greenside Hotel in Leslie on Friday, December 21.