Janet the gannet has a lucky escape

Janet the gannet's lucky escape!
Janet the gannet's lucky escape!

a LUCKY gannet has lived to fly another day after an unlikely rescue by Kinghorn Lifetboat.

The crew was out on exercise on Sunday when they spotted the large bird in a distressed state off Kinghorn Ness. It was caught in netting and was unable to fly.

The crew took it on board the lifeboat and removed the bag. The gannet was taken ashore where an SSPCA officer took it to a local bird centre for a check-up.

Thomas Wibberley, crew member, said: “Helmsman Billy McAndrew noticed that the gannet hadn’t flown away like normal when we passed. We turned round and saw that it had a large red net bag stuck round its neck and legs.

“We went alongside it and Billy managed to catch it from the boat, although he did get bitten! On our way back we named her Janet; hopefully we’ll see her flying past us again soon.

“This was a more unusual task for us, but it was satisfying that we were able to help the bird as undoubtedly, it would otherwise not have survived.”

The gannet has been identified as an ‘amber’ list species, giving it greater conservation priority.