Jason Byrne – The Man With Three Brains, Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline.

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Anyone who has ever seen Jason Byrne live before will know that the comedian doesn’t like a quiet entrance.

Previously at the Alhambra he has Riverdanced in the spotlight, swung on a cannonball à la Miley Cyrus and last year he was hauling members of the audience on to the stage before the show had even started.

This year however he simply walks on straight to the mic, but soon explains that there’s a reason – he’s just had a vasectomy, is still in a bit of pain, but don’t worry – he’s going to tell us all about it.

But before all this begins he has the place in an uproar, telling of an encounter with a taxi driver that very afternoon. And here is the crux of Byre’s brilliance, it’s his ability to improvise.

His lightning quick reaction to seize upon any situation and make it funny is truly special. It can be a remark or even just a look, but it’s guaranteed big laughs every time. His interaction with the audience too is nothing short of incredible.

Tonight’s show – along with a graphic re-telling of the aforementioned vasectomy – is basically way too rude to recount much about it, and, despite his protestations that at 45 his body can’t be trusted anymore, still fizzes with all of his trademark manic energy.

Jason Byrne may not be selling out enormodomes and time soon like other comedians, but one thing you can guarantee is that none of them will be funnier.

Truly, the man is a marvel.