Jean finds her good Samaritan

Jean with daughter Gill
Jean with daughter Gill

A group of kind-hearted strangers have come forward and answered the pleas of a Kirkcaldy woman who wanted to find her good Samaritan.

Jean Ashmore (79), was leaving the Glenwood Centre in Glenrothes last month when she suffered a heart attack.

It was then that a number of people came to her aid. as she lay unconscious on the pavement.

Ian Wright, from Glenrothes, was across the other side of the road when he saw Jean fall.

He said: “I ran across the road to help her and I saw that she was unconscious.

“As I know some basic first aid training, I was able to put her into the recovery position before I quickly phoned for an ambulance.”

Ian was quickly joined by a number of other people who rushed to Jean’s aid including Laura Mayes, also from Glenrothes, who witnessed what had happened and quickly jumped into action.

She said: “I parked my car as soon as I could and I noticed that another woman had ran from her car and we got there just seconds after she had collapsed. An ambulance had already been called so I went to sit next to the woman and did all that I could do help.”

The group stayed with Jean until the ambulance arrived and all are glad to hear that she has made a full recovery.

Jean’s family are very grateful to those that stopped and helped, and daughter, Gill Graham, is glad that they have come forward so that she has the chance to thank them.

She said: “I think that it is really nice that all these people stopped to help my mum and it shows that not all people are bad. My mum and me would like to say a huge thank you; we are forever grateful.”