Jean stirs up a third world title

Jean Dewar, in her kitchen, prepares some porridge. (Photo by Dave Scott)
Jean Dewar, in her kitchen, prepares some porridge. (Photo by Dave Scott)

A Cupar woman who has been crowned Golden Spurtle Master World Porridge Making Champion has admitted that she doesn’t enjoy the nation’s famous dish!

Jean Dewar won the title at a hotly-contested competition at Carrbridge, which saw the contenders piped into the village hall.

As a winner of the Golden Spurtle world titles in 2002 and 2003 as well as a speciality winner in 2000 and 2001, Jean was invited to take part in a special 21st anniversary masters’ competition.

She was very pleased to know that she had not lost her touch when it came to making the perfect bowl of porridge.

Before she retired, Jean was a secretary at the former J. and T. Rodger’s Burnside Mills in Cupar for more than 20 years - a business famous for its oatmeal.

Jean has been making porridge for her husband, John, since they married, but although she is not a fan of the food loved by athletes, she does enjoy other oatmeal favourites, such as oatcakes and white puddings.

“I’ve never really liked porridge, which makes it difficult for me when I have to do tastings at competitions. However, I do make it every day for John.”

The Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships, held at Carrbridge since 1994, were created to raise the profile of the Highland village.

This year’s main competition was own by Dr Izhar Khan of Aberdeen.

BBC World Service announcer Fiona MacDonald was master of ceremonies for the day, while the expert porridge judging panel was headed by Neil Mugg, Gleneagles Hotel head pastry chef and Masterchef Colin Bussey, who has worked in The Savoy and at Gleneagles.