Jeremy Kyle Does Shakespeare Free Fringe - Chiquito’s (Venue 294)

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Jeremy Kyle Does Shakespeare

Free Fringe - Chiquito’s (Venue 294)

The Free Fringe takes you to placs you never knew existed, far less hadn’t been in before.

Downstairs at Chiquito’s restauarnt on Frederick Street is a large store room with strip lighting just next to the toilets - that’s where you’ll find this theatre group.

The setting is as stark as they come, and cramped too which is a bit of a challenge for an 11-strong theatre company giving the full Jezza Kyle daytime telly treatment to a bunch of the Bard’s best known works.

So we get Romeo and Juliet caught between their feuding families, while Hamlet is awaiting the results of a lie detector test over who killed his father.

It’s fun if a little ragged at times.

All the mannerisms and cliches from the world of Kyle and his feckless, gormless guests - DNA tests, security on stage and audiences boo-ing and hissing, plus some spoof day-time telly commercials - are poured on top of the words of Shakespeare, which ought to have the bard spinning in his grave. Who’d have envisaged Hamlet being called ‘Hammy’ while delivering his famous ‘to be or not to be’ lines?

Still, if you’re hungry after the show you can pop upstairs, take a seat and order some food ...