Jessica Fostakew: Imaginary Colin - Voodoo Rooms (Venue 68)

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Jessica Fostakew: Imaginary Colin - Voodoo Rooms (Venue 68)

The Colin in the title is Fostakew’s unborn child - she’s 34 weeks pregnant, and her daughter and son yet-to-be is the inspiration for an hour of amiable, enjoyable stand-up in this Free Fringe show.

And it’s far from an hour the topic of pregnancy too.

Fostakew - a writer for ‘Eight Out Of Ten Cats’ and a presenter on Radio 4’s ‘Extra - looks at what lies ahead for her baby, which she has named Colin, and the pitfalls he/she may face.

She looks at the world as it stands and as it may become through a tale involving a holiday with her dad and grandfather, and her own journey from hell in a clapped out car she was planning to sell, and brings it altogether in a relaxed manner.

She promised no audience interrogation in a bid to fill the front row, but it still remained empty - some Fringe habits remain strong every time an audience files into the room - but it mattered not a jot as she eased through an enjoyable, entertaining hour of mid-afternoon stand-up.