Jessie’s childhood memories a DVD hit

Jessie Baxter
Jessie Baxter

A STRATHMIGLO octogenarian turned film-maker has proved to be a real star by raising more than £1000 for Cancer Research.

Jessie Baxter (83) has just released her third DVD of childhood reminiscences following the phenomenal success of her first two.

Entitled ‘Out in the Fields’, the film is the second of a two-part series about growing up on Westmill Farm, Strathmiglo, during the Second World War, when times were often tough.

Jessie’s first venture into the movie world was a documentary in which she shared her memories of Strathmiglo High Street during the 1930s - and it proved to be a huge hit with villagers, who snapped up copies to send to friends and relatives worldwide.

She modestly described it as ‘the blethers of a pensioner’ but it raised more than £500 for Cancer Research, a charity close to her heart.

Its success spurred her on to produce a second DVD, this time about her early life on the farm, which was so popular that it took her fund-raising total to over £1000.

Jessie said: “Many families like my own have been affected by cancer, which is why I support Cancer Research in any way I can.

“I am amazed and delighted by all the positive feedback I’ve received and I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought my DVDs.

“I’m sure everyone must be fed up listening to me by now, but you never know, if I get bored next year I may take it up again!”

The DVDs are available for £5 each and can be bought directly from Jessie on 01337 868950.