Jeweller Karen brings sparkle to lives of others

Karen Scrimshaw
Karen Scrimshaw

A former Bell Baxter High School pupil who’s found success Down Under has launched a free app aimed at inspiring others.

Jeweller Karen Scrimshaw, originally from Cupar, gave up her business to move to Australia, where she met and married her husband Barry.

Now the Brisbane-based couple have created an app called B4FTR (Before & After), which is available free in the Google Play Store. They also want to create an internet community in which people can find inspiration for change and support in their goals, whether it’s achieving business success, losing weight or any other aspiration.

Karen completed her apprenticeship as a jeweller at Hunter Goldsmith’s in Cupar before getting support from the Princes Youth Business Trust to start her own small jewellery manufacturing business.

“When the opportunity arose to move to Australia I took it with both hands even though it meant closing down my business and leaving everything behind,” said Karen.

“I started working as a jeweller in Noosa, Queensland, and I met my husband at a tiny music festival near Eumundi.

“He was a pianist and as I used to be a singer we hit it off immediately.

“Then I moved to Brisbane where I got a job as a jeweller at an international jewellery retailer, Michael Hill.

“I worked my way up and now I am in charge of the jewellers there.

“This is something I never would have believed myself capable of a few years ago. I also took on a fitness goal a year ago and again have achieved more than I could have hoped.

“I have had a great experience and embraced change. Sometimes it has been scary but it’s all been worth it.”