Jo Caulfied - angry but funny

KIRKCALDY;'Launch of Kirkcaldy Comedy Festival; Comedienne Jo Caufield. 'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON
KIRKCALDY;'Launch of Kirkcaldy Comedy Festival; Comedienne Jo Caufield. 'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON

JO Caulfield once sat on Kirkcaldy prom, drinking tea from a flask and eating a sandwich.

“I know that’s not actually a public performance,” she tells the Press while launching Kirkcaldy’s Comedy Festival on Tuesday, “but believe me, it was a very funny sandwich.”

Next month, Jo will be back in town to perform as part of her ‘Cruel to be Kind’ tour - a show that’s been coined ‘a celebration of anger’ and is getting critics excited.

The banner on her tour poster reads ‘The Tour of Towns I’ve Heard of But Never Been To’ - so what exactly has she heard about Kirkcaldy?

“I’ve heard it’s a lot like Cannes or Monte Carlo,” she says. “That’s right, isn’t it?”

The smaller comedy festivals work on a whole different level, Jo says.

“I prefer going to smaller towns, spending the afternoon walking around and pointing out to the locals what I’ve noticed about their High Street. It’s great when I can talk about a pub or shop and the whole audience knows it intimately.

“I did a festival in Somerset last year and told a true story about the bad service I’d received that afternoon in a local cafe.

“The man that owned the cafe was in the audience and the grumpy waitress, who I’d slagged off, turned out to be his daughter. Luckily he agreed with me that she was a terrible waitress!”

Having put on a show at the Fringe Festival for the past nine years running, 2011 has been Jo’s year off, taking her time to concentrate on putting the tour together. So, aside from a celebration of anger, what’s it all about?

“It’s personal,” she says. “And it’s all true. I tend to talk about anything, or anyone, who’s recently annoyed me.

“And, I’m an idiot. I’ve always done something stupid that I can share with the audience.

“This is a show I’m really proud of, there’s a lot in it. Stories about my life, stories about my Aberdonian husband, advice on how to deal with irritating people, my ideas for new annoying TV - there’s even a game and a special audience interaction piece at the end. Come on Kirkcaldy - it’s a bargain!”

Jo Caulfield is at the Victoria Hotel on October 4. Follow Jo on Twitter on @Jo_Caulfield.