job losses AT MGt

3011058 SSFF mgt building 'Exterior of the Mgt building, Kirkcaldy
3011058 SSFF mgt building 'Exterior of the Mgt building, Kirkcaldy

AT least 15 members of staff have been made redundant from a Kirkcaldy customer call centre.

Bosses at MGt say the staff cuts were necessary following a “restructuring” of the company to reflect business changes.

The call centre - one of the biggest employers in the town - is splitting its business into two sections.

But one former employee contacted the Press to say they way they had been dealt with was “shocking.”

And they criticised MGt for hiring rooms at the nearby Dean Park Hotel to handle the redundancies.

The worker, who did not wish to be named, claimed the move was because ‘‘they didn’t want a scene at their offices.”

Company changes

However MGt in a statement issued on Wednesday outlined the reaons why the posts were axed.

It said 15 staff had been “made compulsorily redundant.”

A spokesman added: “At MGt plc we have been restructuring our organisation to reflect the changes within our business along with the launch and development of our new PayWizard product, which went live in February this year.

‘‘The restructuring has involved splitting the business into two separate parts which unfortunately gave rise to a formal redundancy situation.”

It said that the way staff were informed of the decision was carried out after consulting with employee representatives “to preserve their dignity.”

And, in relation to the company continuing to recruit casual workers while paying others off, they said staff had been kept fully informed.

Casual posts

“Essentially, although we need to reduce some parts of our business, we do have a temporary requirement for additional staff in other areas of the business,” the spokesman added.

“It was most unfortunate that some staff had to leave on this basis.

‘‘However we are supportive of these individuals and have offered them the option to return to undertake casual work meantime, with the prospect of returning to MGt when there is further growth in the areas that require their particular skillsets.”