Jobless helpers get references

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The winter response initiative for residents in the Stenton, Finglassie and Pitteuchar areas that proved so popular last year is to be implemented again.

Chair of the local Community Council, Peter Scobie says they are already well on the way with advertising the winter help available for elderly and vulnerable residents if conditions are as bad as those experienced last year.

He added: “We are always looking for help from volunteers with the scheme that was a real success and showed the true community spirit last winter.

“Any helpers who are currently unemployed will be guaranteed a full reference from the Community Council which will stand them in good stead when going for any jobs in the future.

Last year, Peter and his fellow councillors and volunteers helped an estimated 300 local residents trapped in their homes due to the severe snow fall.

They conducted food and shopping deliveries, cleared paths and helped with other vital needs.

Any volunteers wanting to get involved or those unemployed who want to know more about obtaining a reference should contact Peter Scobie 01592-772025, or email