Jobs boost for Remploy workers

Gordon Brown MP with former Remploy workers
Gordon Brown MP with former Remploy workers

Former Remploy employees could see themselves back in employment soon following a number of interviews with 10 local employers.

Local MPs Gordon Brown and Lindsay Roy praised the engagement of local employers including Seahawk, Asda, the NHS, the Purvis Group and the Fife Sensory Impairment Centre who have offered job interviews to the men and women who lost their jobs in September.

And they praised Fife Council who have worked with Remploy and the Job Centre to arrange nearly one hundred separate job interviews.

The elected members commented: “We said we as a community would do everything in our power to get the unemployed workers from Remploy back into jobs.”

“The Jobs Centre, Fife Council and Remploy have worked with local employers many of whom have been very helpful and some of whom have offered one month placements.”

“We are confident that because of local support for the Remploy workers, and the skills and experience they have, we will be able to help them find the jobs they want.”

“We will continue and not relax our efforts until jobs are delivered.”