Join the committee and help save Gala

Councillor David Alexander
Councillor David Alexander

The future of the Windy-gates Gala has been put into question after the previous committee members decided they could no longer continue to plan the event.

At the annual general meeting last week, the six committee members said they were no longer able to organise the event, which has enjoyed revived success for the last two years.

The venue of previous galas, Greig Park

The venue of previous galas, Greig Park

Now a plea has been made to members of the local community in Windygates to help keep the event alive in the coming years.

Councillor David Alexander has been involved in the organisation of the gala for the last two years, and said it would be very sad if the gala could not continue.

“Unfortunately at the AGM in Windygates Institute on Tuesday, November 12, none of the remaining committee were in a position to commit to another year and have had to stand down.

“The members would still be available to help on the day if another gala was organised but, at the moment, we do not have an organising committee.

“I’d like to put out an appeal to the community for volunteers to help organise a gala for next year.

“The two recent galas were the first for more than a decade and it would be sad if the gala could not be maintained.”

Cllr Alexander said at least four or five people would need to come forward to form a new committee, with the volunteers for the usual roles of chairman, secretary and treasurer.

“We are in quite a healthy position financially, so there is definitely enough to ensure that a gala can be funded next year.

“The work is not that onerous – a new committee would probably need to commit one day a month to organise it, and the earlier you meet the more you can do.

“For the last two years, the gala has been held in August, so starting to plan early next year would be fine.”

He added: “I’d like to thank the members of Windygates Gala committee for organising the last two galas and all the other work they have carried out over that time, including the Easter fun days at the bowling club.”

Anyone who would like to volunteer for a role on the new committee should contact Cllr Alexander and he will set up a special AGM to discuss future plans.