Josie Long gets ready Tae Sup Wi’ A Fifer

“There it is! We’ve been looking for that for a week! Awwww! A fox has peed in it! This is what my life has become!”
Josie Long (Pic by Giles Smith)Josie Long (Pic by Giles Smith)
Josie Long (Pic by Giles Smith)

Not your standard interview fare but comedian Josie Long, a new mum finding her baby daughter’s missing shoe in the garden half way through our chat, says that motherhood has thrown up many such surprises, some of which she’ll be including in her appearance at the latest ‘Tae Sup Wi’ A Fife’ club night evening at the Adam Smith Theatre on December 14.

“On stage at the moment I’m talking a lot about what my life is about,” she says, “as a stand up I think you have to talk honestly about what you are going through.

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“In the past you had people slagging off female comedians when they talked about their experiences and a lot of that was prejudicial.

Award-winning folk artist Rachel Newton is joining Josie on the bill.Award-winning folk artist Rachel Newton is joining Josie on the bill.
Award-winning folk artist Rachel Newton is joining Josie on the bill.

“But I think it’s about connecting with the person on stage when they’re sharing something massive that has happened to them.

“Being a comedian you can talk about the hard stuff with humour and it makes it better, but you can also talk about the good stuff. Before you have a baby people don’t tell you how joyful it is.

“At the moment I look after her three days a week and I love it so much. We have so much fun. She’s so silly and sweet.

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“It’s been a huge adjustment and a balance I haven’t quite worked out. The sleep deprivation has floored me!”

Josie’s appearance come via her friendship with ‘Tae Sup...’ curator James Yorkston, which began with her simply being a fan.

“I’ve been a fan of his music for a long time. I’m a big music fan, especially when it comes to Scottish folk music. I met him because I went to see him play in London and Johnny Lynch, AKA The Pictish Trail, was supporting him.

“Johnny and I bumped into each other after and made friends so I started coming up to Fife for little festivals and parties he was throwing and met James that way.

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“I’ve gigged with him a few times since then. I’m a real fan so I feel lucky to do that.”

Joining Josie on the bill are Turkish folk singer Özgür Baba and award winning harpist Rachel Newton, the latter in particular a thrill for the huge music fan.

“This is so exciting for me! That’s amazing! I didn’t know she was a harpist,” she says.

“I love the harp and I love harp songwriters so much. Joanna Newsom – incredible, Serafina Steer – incredible. I can’t wait!”

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Despite juggling work with a new baby Josie has still managed to host her own ‘Short Cuts’ show on Radio 4 and the podcast Book Shambles with Robin Ince (“I have to do that or he replaces me with some else!”), and has also announced a tour for 2020.

“I’m a bit nervous about the tour but at the same time I’m glad to be getting out the house! If I stay over after a gig I get a lie in!

“I’ve got two sets of feelings going on, I’m really looking forward to getting back out there and writing a new show has been so cool.

“But having a baby simultaneously makes you feel more confident – I’ve given birth, I can do anything! – but at the same time you’re so vulnerable, you’re in a different head space.

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“I took a break from comedy and that world moves on so quickly so I was thinking, will I still be able to do this? Will there still be a place for me in comedy?

“So writing this tour and getting back out there has been really exciting for me.”

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