Joy as ‘miracle’ baby has his first birthday

Proud mum: Sarah with Ollie (left) and Harvey
Proud mum: Sarah with Ollie (left) and Harvey
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When little Harvey Cowan was born some four months early and weighing no more than a bag of rice, his mum Sarah was told to expect the worst.

But the tot Sarah calls her ‘miracle baby’ has defied all the odds and is about to celebrate his first birthday.

Harvey turns one next Monday, May 5 - a day 19-year-old Sarah thought she would never see.

But it will be also be a day tinged with sadness as Sarah mourns the loss of Harvey’s twin sister Millie, who died aged just 47 days.

Sarah, of Craigrothie, had split with her partner and father of her other son Ollie, who’ll be two in July, when she discovered she was pregnant with the twins.

“I didn’t even know I was pregnant until around 20 weeks,” said Sarah.

“The babies weren’t due until August but my waters broke at the end of April and they were born on May 5.

“Basically, I was told that neither of them would survive.

“Harvey weighed 1lb 5.5oz and Millie weighed 1lb 6oz, and they were both transferred to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary when they were six hours old.

“Millie had quite a few health problems, including two holes in her heart, but the doctors were talking about transferring her to Glasgow for specialist surgery so I was feeling quite hopeful.

“However when they took her off her ventilator she went downhill very quickly.”

Harvey, meanwhile, had fewer health problems but was so small he could be held in the palm of an adult’s hand.

He was still receiving oxygen as recently as February this year, which had to be administered by his mum at home.

Every month, he had a ‘sleepover’ at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, where the twins were born, to check his progress.

Now he weighs a healthy 14lb 6oz and is at the same stage of development as a baby of about seven months - which is the age he would have been had he been born at full term.

A former pupil of Bell Baxter High School in Cupar, Sarah graduated in beauty therapy last year, but has put her career on hold to devote her time to caring for her precious boys.

Although she’s a single mum, Sarah has plenty of support from her mum Liz and sister Leanne (23), who live with her along with Leanne’s little boy Callem, who’ll be three in July.

Now the family are looking forward to welcoming brother Sean (20) home from Australiain time for Harvey’s birthday celebrations.

But it will be a day of mixed emotions as the family visit Cupar Cemetery to pay their respects to the twin sister Harvey knew so briefly.

“We have flowers ordered to take to the cemetery for Millie on what would have been her birthday too,” said Sarah.

“It will be a sad day but also a very happy one.

“When I went into labour I didn’t expect either of the babies to survive. The fact that Harvey’s about to have his first birthday is amazing.

“He’s my little miracle baby.”