Juggling genius aims for national glory

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A talented Tayport teenager is setting his sights on becoming Britain’s Young Juggler of the Year – with the help of his community.

Individuals, groups and businesses have rallied round 17-year-old Luke Davies in his bid to take the nation’s top juggling title.

They’ve raised over £500 to sponsor him to go to the British Juggling Convention in Barnsley, Yorkshire, on March 27, where he’ll be running his own workshops as well as competing.

Luke, a pupil at Madras College in St Andrews, is taking the juggling world by storm.

Practising for up to seven hours a day, he can juggle 11 balls at once and has mastered some of the most difficult tricks in the juggling repertoire.

He can juggle knives, flaming torches and up to eight balls while balancing a club on his nose, not to mention seven balls behind his back.

Now Luke has inspired Tayport Community Trust to set up a bursary scheme for young people like himself who need help with travelling expenses to attend such events.

“Luke does a lot for Tayport and when we heard he wanted to attend the jugglers’ convention we decided to set up the scheme,” explained Trust chair Tony Gowland.

“We can contribute up to £75 to wards the cost of travelling to conferences or other events that will benefit themselves and the community.”

Application forms are available at Tayport Harbour Cafe.