July opening date for Regent cinema

Regent Cinema, Leven
Regent Cinema, Leven

The Regent Cinema WILL re-open to the public – but they’ll have to wait until at least July.

The update came from the cinema’s treasurer Peter Menellis, who apologised for the lack of information up until now.

Two weeks ago, the local cinema closed its doors to the public, announcing on its Facebook page that it would be closed until further notice.

Peter said the cinema was suffering because of the difficult financial climate and the fact that, as of this month, all films have been digitalised, and the Regent does not have a digital projector.

“We have a bit of difficulty because we can no longer get films in 35mm, hence the reason we have no films to show.

“Right now we are finalising a deal which will enable us to open the doors again in the next two to three months. In the mean time, we want to give it a bit of a ‘tart up’.”

“If we’re looking at July time, it will be ready just in time for the school holidays.”

Last month, the Mail revealed that the Regent would be collaborating with Film Mobile Scotland in order to take advantage of a digital projector and show the latest films, and Peter said there “was no question” that the deal would go ahead.

In the meantime, the committee is keen to engage with locals, and even get some of them on the committee.

“We’re trying to get more people involved in the cinema,” said Peter. “We’re lucky that we have quite a big committee, but a lot of them have full time jobs or have businesses they need to run, so we’re looking for others to join the management committee.

“We’re currently looking for a chairman, so anyone who has a couple of spare hours a week, perhaps someone who is newly retired, it would be great to have them involved.”

The committee is also looking to hear from members of the public on what they would like to see in the cinema other than films, as they do not believe it is yet being used to its full potential, and Peter said they hope to hold an open day to give the public a chance to have their say.

Peter concluded: “By July, we will definitely be open – we’re not gone and we’re not going. We don’t want to go through what happened last year, but it has been a hard year for us, with the way money is at the moment and with digitalisation, but we want to get local people involved.”