Junior Fifers’ cabin raided by thieves

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EAST Fife Junior Supporters Club has been left reeling after thieves stole thousands of pounds worth of goods belonging to its young members.

A number of items including 15 signed football kits, a television and a Playstation 2 were all taken when the club’s portable cabin was broken into some time last Tuesday night.

Shona Cargill, treasurer and player protection officer at the club, which has 180 members aged from 5-17 years-old, said the youngsters were all gutted.

She added: “A lot of the stuff was old but will cost a lot to replace. The strips were all signed though and went way back to yesteryear so they can’t be replaced.

“We even had a signed Man Utd strip. They were all stapled up and have just been ripped out of the wall.

“We are keeping an eye on eBay but aren’t too hopeful of getting anything back.”

The break-in was reported to Fife Police by East Fife FC, which owns the cabin situated behind one of the goals at New Bayview. Other items stolen included a heater, beanbags and a box full of juice and crisps.

Ms Cargill continued: “At half time during home games the junior supporters all meet up in the cabin for their juice and crisps.

“I had just been to the cash and carry and had bought 104 lots of sweets, juice and crisps.

“We weren’t able to use it at the East Stirlingshire game and we are going to have to dip into our reserve funds to replace the juice and crisps so we can open up at the next home game.”

It is thought whoever broke into the cabin must have had help to kick in the door and then hand the goods over the high perimeter wall.

Anyone who sees or hears of goods being sold, matching the description of items stolen, is asked to contact Fife Police or someone at the club with details.