Just one day can make a big difference

Tu Edwards, second from right, from Maggie's Fife, joined RBS staff as they held a book sale to help raise over �3000 for the charity.
Tu Edwards, second from right, from Maggie's Fife, joined RBS staff as they held a book sale to help raise over �3000 for the charity.

TODAY may seem like any other day to you or me, but for 800 people in the UK today is a day they’ll never forget.

Today is the day they find out they have cancer.

Fife’s Maggie’s Centre has been providing support to those diagnosed with cancer, and their family and friends, for six years.

Two million people in the UK are living with cancer.

Each year around 2000 people are newly diagnosed with cancer in Fife - that’s around five per day - and the centre in the grounds of Victoria Hospital is helping them to cope with the enormity of the illness and the multiple issues that come with diagnosis, as well as teaching techniques that empower people to have an active role in their cancer treatment.

In one day an awful lot can be achieved and there’s always plenty going on at the centre.

Around 30 to 40 people are expected through the door each day.

But, the centre relies on public support, through volunteers working on site and the many people who each year raise thousands of pounds through fundraising events to help keep the place running.

And now businesses, groups and individuals can help meet these costs through an initiative which allows them to ‘Sponsor a Day’.

Sponsoring a day will help keep the local Maggie’s centre staffed with professional experts so a warm welcome and specialist support can continue to be given to visitors and users.

Tu Edwards, fundraising co-ordinator for Maggie’s Forth Valley and Fife, explained: “When you have cancer you need a moment to think, a chance to talk and a place to find comfort; things that can found today at Maggie’s.

“By sponsoring a day, you or your company, are making this happen.

“Just £2400 funds a day at a Maggie’s Centre.

“You can give this to your community by raising the funds or giving a gift to sponsor a day at your local Maggie’s Centre.

“Companies can sponsor a day that is special to them, their birthday; the day they opened their second office; the day they hit a special target.

“You can help us here at the centre by ensuring our doors are open to support your local community.”

Whichever day is chosen by a business or individual will be their day and their day alone.

And anyone can sponsor a day by making a one off donation or raising funds across the year until your day arrives.

Tu continued: “On your day you, and your staff if you are a business, can visit the Maggie’s Centre, we can share the stories of what we have achieved on your day and what you made happen.

“Participants will also get a certificate and an online fund.

“Sponsoring a Day is such a special thing to do for your community, or for a loved one.

“I hope more people will help do this this year.”

As well as sponsoring your own special day, opportunities are also available to ‘Sponsor Our Day’ - the Fife centre’s birthday in November.

And another example of how businesses can get involved in the ‘Sponsor a Day’ event include ‘Your Day, Your Challenge’, an idea aimed at giving staff a challenge bringing out their competitive nature while getting them involved in the community and raising vital funds for the cancer care charity.

The idea is teams within the company do something - anything they want - to help raise the funds to sponsor a day at the centre, by racing to reach the sponsorship target first.