Karate kid beats dad to UK title

Linzi and dad Peter McCann. Linzi beat her father to win the UK Championship
Linzi and dad Peter McCann. Linzi beat her father to win the UK Championship

A KINGLASSIE girl defeated her father in the British Karate Foundation UK Championships to retain her title, reports KEVIN QUINN.

Linzi McCann (11) beat her dad, Peter McCann, in the final of the disabled section of the event, held recently in Sheffield.

Both Linzi and Peter have retina pigmentosa, making them partially sighted.

The event in which they brought home gold and silver for Scotland was a kata- a non-contact form of the discipline where students show moves they have learned.

This success is an outstanding achievement for Linzi, given that she was the only child competitor in a competition open to all ages.

Her coach Stuart Maxwell looked back on the day that two of his club members went head-to-head for the UK championships.

He said: “They could not meet until the final, as they are from the same club.

“They started at opposite ends of the draw.

“So it was incredible that it was a father versus daughter final. It was also great for the club that they won gold and silver.

“It’s massive for Linzi to win the British Disabled Championships at her age, as she is competing against all ages.

“Peter is really determined and very good. There is a wee competitive spirit at the club between him and Linzi.

“But he was glad she won.

“I think they will both compete at the World Championships in the future, representing Scotland in the disabled category.

“Linzi had to beat six or eight opponents to win, I can’t quite remember exactly how many.

“But, there was some stiff competition along the way.

“Representing Scotland, she was up against Wales and Ireland before the all-Scottish final against her dad.”

Stuart also revealed his delight at seeing his pupil come so far under his tutorship.

She said: “She has been coming here for about four or five years.

“She trains with us at the Glenrothes Martial Arts Centre and in Kirkcaldy as well.

“You have no idea how proud I am of her. To see her come on so well.

“They also both recently won bronze at the international open in Glasgow, that was a huge event, with people from all over the world.

“It’s incredible, especially when you consider that she cant see, it’s amazing. Not just for her in that respect, but her dad too.

“She was the only child at the UK Championships, so to win the disabled section is incredible.

“And, she’s been competing against adults for three years.”