Katrine Crescent residents celebrate redesign

RESIDENTs in a Kirkcaldy street will host a social event this weekend to celebrate the completion of a redesign project.

Sustrans and Fife Council have been working with locals in Katrine Crescent for the last two years to make the street work better for pedestrians and add some more colour and vitality to the more neglected parts of the street.

Colourful planters and raised beds have been put in to add some more greenery to the street, while the layout of the road has also been altered to give less priority to vehicles.

It is anticipated the changes will lead to more pupils walking through the street to school.

It is also hoped that local people will see the changes as improving the quality and sociability of the street. Detailed monitoring for the project is set to begin in September.

Residents are invited to attend the social event which will take place between 2.00 p.m and 5.00 p.m on Saturday. Hospitality will be available and a folk band will also play.

Paul Ruffles from Sustrans, said: “It’s been great working with local people in Katrine Crescent, my hope is that over time the physical changes to the road will be seen as a real asset to the street that put more emphasis on people rather than cars alone.

“I hope the new design will allow people to feel safer in their community.”

Councillor Pat Callaghan, Fife Council’s executive spokesman for transport and environment, added: “I’m really excited about the brilliant working that’s taken place between Fife Council and Sustrans.

“From the Council’s perspective, the street design initiative is about taking the next step to help make these traffic calmed areas the focus of community activity so that ‘streets’ become ‘places’ and motorised traffic is less dominant.”