Keep our village clean from dog mess ...

Cleaner Kinghorn campaign poster
Cleaner Kinghorn campaign poster

VILLAGERS are taking action against irresponsible dog owners who allow their pets to foul the streets of Kinghorn by launching a new campaign.

Giant banners featuring a series of shock images have been erected in some of Kinghorn’s most fouled spots such as the harbour beach and Harbour Road. The aim is to shame those responsible into bagging and binning.

The new campaign, which is the brainchild of Cleaner Kinghorn, includes posters of local people including a particularly eye-catching photograph of a baby playing on the beach near dog poo.

It also features an image of local dog owners picking up after their pets and encouraging others to do the same. The photo shoots were held last year and the results have been incorporated into the banners by local graphic designer Ritchie Feenie.

Suzanne Gilfeather, spokeswoman for Cleaner Kinghorn - which is run by Kinghorn Community Council and funded by Fife Council - told The Press: “The idea is to get the message from responsible dog owners to the few irresponsible ones.

“By using locals in recognisable locations around Kinghorn on the posters we are hoping to get the message to hit home.

“The signs are very hard-hitting - we need to make a good impact to combat this widespread problem.

“We know we have Kinghorn residents support for this campaign and we have had a really positive reaction to the signs going up.

“Some have said it has made an impact on the problem already.”

She added: “We will be looking at the monitoring results with interest.”

Primary seven pupils from Kinghorn Primary have been involved in the scheme and will be carrying out monthly monitoring.

Local councillor George Kay said: “Perhaps the biggest problem with people who persistently allow their dogs to foul our public places is that for some reason they just don’t get the message.

“The great thing about the Cleaner Kinghorn campaign is that you can’t miss it.

“It is in your face and anyone who sees it will either take the message on board or deliberately defy it in which case prosecution is inevitable.”

Local councillor Susan Leslie said: “It is such a shame the actions of the minority of dog owners has blighted the streets and open places.”

She added: “But Kinghorn residents are not the type of people just to accept this and this new campaign is certainly evidence of the determination of Kinghorn to tackle the problem.”