Keep that childish sense of wonder

KHS prizewinners
KHS prizewinners

OPENING his speech at the annual prizegiving ceremony with a quote from the famous poem ‘The Boy on the Train’ by Mary Campbell Smith, Kirkcaldy High School rector Derek Allan likened his current pupils to the boy.

Telling those assembled for the event that he often wondered what became of the boy on the train, he said: “I like to think he went on to great things because he had that attitude, didn’t he?

SSFF 2413153 khs heads 'L - R: Lee Pirie (Head Boy), Jade McQuillan (Head Girl), Mohsin Muhammed (Dux), Amy Farmer (new Head Girl), Mark Moseley (new Head Boy) - outgoing & incoming head boy / girl plus Dux - at Kirkcaldy HS, Kirkcaldy

SSFF 2413153 khs heads 'L - R: Lee Pirie (Head Boy), Jade McQuillan (Head Girl), Mohsin Muhammed (Dux), Amy Farmer (new Head Girl), Mark Moseley (new Head Boy) - outgoing & incoming head boy / girl plus Dux - at Kirkcaldy HS, Kirkcaldy

“That zest for life which many of our current young people show.”

Mr Allan described the last year as a very successful one, outlining a continued improvement in exam attainment throughout the school.

“Most of our kids, whatever their ability or economic background meet or exceed expectations,” he said, going on to highlight the huge and varied achievements of pupils from the school in all areas of life, from the academic qualifications through to sporting, artistic and charitable successes.

He praised the school’s “dedicated” staff who he said went well beyond their designated roles to help pupils be the best they could.

And he praised the students for their efforts and hard work in all areas of the school curriculum.

He said schools inspectors from HMI had described pupils as “proud and positive” and had recognised that they developed over time to become “outstanding ambassadors” for their school and community.

Mr Allan picked out a recent sponsored walk for Meningitis UK in memory of S2 pupil Gregor Smith whose sudden death in February had affected the whole school community very deeply.

And he again praised his pupils for the “dignity” they had shown following the tragedy, turning their sorrow into action to fundraise for the charity.

A recent sponsored walk from Kirkcaldy to Kinghorn and back raised £4500 for the charity, which the school has now formed a fundraising partnership with.

Finally, Mr Allan spoke to those leaving the school, saying: “I really hope that you have learned to learn and been helped to develop values which can lead you to a happy and successful future.

“I hope you will be inclined to help others and to contribute to your community. Please don’t ever become cynical...never give up, and try to keep some of that childish sense of wonder... just like the boy on the train.”

Full list of prize winners

Effective Contributors:

Presented by Audrey Diamond - Depute Rector

Best Student Adam Smith College VIEW Program - Nathan Logie.

Alison Stewart Hair Award for Hospitality - Rachel Livingston, Caitlyn Robb.

The Pauline Forrester Award for Creative Cakes - Shannon Napier.

Services to the Library - Darren Mack.

Anne Middleton Memorial Award for School Service - Darren Mack.

Contribution to the Class of 2013 awarded by head boy and girl - Megan Hastie, Rachael Hastie.

Sheena Archibald ‘Respect’ Quaich - Megan Hastie, Rachael Hastie.

Adam Smith Award - Macauley Niven.

Dunnikier Park Golf Club Award for Attitude and Commitment to PE - Emma Powrie.

Award for Leadership in Sport and The Alistair McKillop Trophy - Kieran Farmer, Lee Pirie.

Kirkcaldy High School Table Tennis Champion 2013 - Calum Hughes.

Kirkcaldy High School Table Tennis Plate Champion 2013 - Liam Sinclair.

Kirkcaldy High School Table Tennis Stroke Play Winner 2013 - Robbie McEwan.

Gregor Smith Memorial Prize for Outstanding Commitment to Table Tennis 2013 - Daniel Hay, Callum White.

Confident Individuals:

Service to School Sport - Stephen Cunningham, Jed Scotcher, Michael McKenzie, Andrew Woods.

Jane MacGregor Prize for Contribution to School Ethos - Jade McQuillan, Lee Pirie.

Responsible Citizens:

Fife Constabulary Award for Service to the School Community - Lee Pirie, Kirsty Wilson.

The Fair Trade Singing Bowl - John Evans.

The KHSA Prize for Charity Work - Nicole Sinclair.

Abbotsford Care Award for Services to the Community - Gregg Carruthers.

The Nelson Mandela Award for Building International Relations - Sandy Wallace.

Successful Learners:

Presented by Debbie Aitken, S1 and S2 Year Head.

CREST silver awards (CREativing in Science and Technology) - Ashley Davidson, Islay Connelly, Liam Mitchell, Ewan Rae, Siobhan Robb, Kieran Wyse.

Kirkcaldy North Community Council, General Excellence (first year) - Brogan Christie, Jade Hood, Gael Hopton, Phoebe MacDonald, Sean Saunders.

Tullis Russell Prize, General Excellence (second year) - Tamara Alrahow, Cameron Bennett, Megan Burt, Rebecca Hay, Chloe Newton, Alisha O’Callaghan, Rachael Stoddart, Scott Williamson.

Junior Maths Challenge Silver and Best in School - David Smith.

Junior Maths Challenge Silver - Jade Hood, Sohaib Mahmood.

Junior Maths Challenge Bronze - Ashley Davidson, Jordan Donaldson, Kirstie Gray, Lauren Kerr, Lauren McArthur, Kimberley O’Callaghan, Mitchell Robertson, Sheree Samson.

House Trophies: Merit - Oswald, Academic - Oswald.

Presented by Sandy Young, S3 and S4 Year Head.

Bosch Rexroth Award for the Young Engineer of the Year - Jamie-Luke Garrett.

The Waterstones’ Award for English Essays - Lauren Ferriday.

Dr McKillop Prize for Achievement in Classics - Amy Mearns.

Chef of the Year - Nicole Ligman.

Royal Bank of Scotland plc, General Excellence (third year) - Rachel Deas, Lauren Ferriday, Megan Greer, Heather Hopton, Kyle Martin, Grace Pierce, William Rae, Erin Sandilands.

Abbotsford Care, General Excellence (fourth year) - Luke Binnington, Adam Campbell, Christopher Duffy, Cameron Fleming, Jamie-Luke Garrett, Abigail James, Farhaan Saeed, Jordon Sinclair, Lewis Whiteman.

Intermediate Maths Challenge, Silver and Best in School - Adam Campbell, Cameron Fleming, Heather Hopton.

Intermediate Maths Challenge Silver - Kyle Martin.

Intermediate Maths Challenge Bronze - Amir Aslam, Jake Carr, Christopher Duffy, Calum Geddes, Emma Horsburgh, Erin Sandilands, Taylor Springthorpe, Reece Young.

Presented by Jennifer Davidson, S5 and S6 Year Head.

Senior Maths Challenge Gold and Best in School - Elizabeth Jenkins.

Senior Maths Challenge Silver - Jack Cargill.

Senior Maths Challenge Bronze - Stephanie Campbell, Ryan Don, Matthew Fleming, Humza Saleem, Neil Redford.

Mathematician of the Year - ‘The Bod’s Trophy’ - Neil Redford.

The Jonathan Clark/Dunne Memorial Prize for Technology - Nikki Robertson.

Bosch Rexroth Award for the Engineer of the Year - Mark Moseley.

Anne Middleton Memorial Award for Business Education - Jamie Blyth, Martin Glass.

Composer of the Year - Wesley Wood.

The Lesley Mellon Award for Love of Art - Holly Moghimian.

The Tanya Turnbull Award for Outstanding Commitment to the Drama Department - Alannah Watson.

Archie Bathgate Memorial Award for Interest in German - Nicolle Arnold.

The Galloway award for Drive and Enthusiasm in Music - Alannah Watson, Becky Clark, Nikki Robertson, Wesley Wood.

S5/5 Higher Awards

Business Management - Mark Bremner; English - Stephanie Campbell; Mathematics - Stephanie Campbell; Physics - Stephanie Campbell; Technological Studies - Stephanie Campbell; German - Jack Cargill; Drama - Becky Clark and Hannah McGowan; Latin - Shannon Connelly; Administration - Shannon Connelly; Computing - Ryan Don; Modern Studies - Amy Farmer; Spanish - Emma Gilmour; English - Sophie Harrower; Human Biology - Sophie Harrower; History - Elizabeth Jenkins; Chemistry - Saad Majeed; Art and Design - Hannah McGowan and Claire Penman; Care - Sarah-Louise McKendrick; Mathematics - Andrew McKenzie; Product Design - Connor McLay; Music - Jade McQuillan; PE - Neil Redford; Graphic Communications - Nikki Robertson; Geography - Humza Saleem; Higher Communication - Nicole Sinclair and Jayne Telfer; Classical Studies - Alannah Watson.

S6 Prizes Advanced Higher

Graphic Communications - Ryan Bennett; Modern Studies - Darren Burza; Drama - Lee Cummings and Jade McQuillan; Maths - Stephen Cunningham; Art - Logan Imogen; Product Design - Sarah-Louise McKendrick; Chemistry - Mohsin Muhammed; Biology - Mohsin Muhammed; Physics - Neil Redford; Maths - Neil Redford; Music - Wesley Wood.

Presented by Derek Allan - Rector

Dux runner-up, Lorna Mowbray Trophy - Wesley Wood.

Dux of School, Dr Guthrie Award - Mohsin Muhammed.