Kennoway Primary pupils are eco-warriors

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Pupils at Kennoway Primary School were out in the sunshine on Friday as part of a special eco-day.

Pupils visited nearby Cotlands Park to take part in wildflower planting, all part of the ‘Fife’s Buzzing’ project, a partnership between Fife Council and BugsLife aimed at create and enhance over 12 hectares of wildflower species-rich grassland across Fife.

And there was plenty going on at school too. Children had the opportunity to come dressed in recycled or green clothing, with eco-friendly prizes for the best dressed, while there was a book exchange in the afternoon. Pupils were asked to bring in books they were finished with in exchange for tokens which they could use on other recylced books. Sarah Lamb, deputy head, said: “It was a really good day and the kids enjoyed the planting at the park.” For more pictures, go to our website