Kennoway Remembrance Parade cancelled

The Remembrance Parade in Kennoway has had to be cancelled
The Remembrance Parade in Kennoway has had to be cancelled

Organisers of the Remembrance Parade in Kennoway have had to cancel the event because of a lack of support.

The local branch of the British Legion has organised the parade every year since it was formed in 1949, but due to a decline in membership, there just isn’t the support this year.

Hugh Nisbet, secretary of the group, confirmed the cancellation on Thursday, and said Fife Council and local police had been informed.

He said a church service and wreath laying would still take place.

“I have been trying to get the parade organised for a while, and have been trying to get pipers and drummers to come and play on the day, but we could not get anything confirmed until next week, which was just too late.”

Mr Nisbet said that while the parade had gone ahead last year, there were fewer participants than normal.

He claimed that the loss of the local pipe band had also had a major impact on the parade too.

“I have been basically trying to do this on my own,” he said, “and it’s just too much for one man to do.”

Local councillor David Alexander said of the cancellation: “I am disappointed.

“I have laid a wreath at the memorial a lot of times and it’s humbling to see the pride and strength of the people in the parade.

“Maybe a last ditch appeal would bring more numbers, ex-forces personnel and supporters.

“The names on the memorial are added to thanks to the work of the Legion and this is not always easy. They deserve praise for what they do.”