Kianna’s amazing year

Ciya Rutherford with daughter Kianna
Ciya Rutherford with daughter Kianna
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A BRAVE Kirkcaldy toddler who can’t smile continues to stun her mum with her amazing progress.

Last year The Press exclusively revealed how Kianna Martin was only given a week to live when she was born.

But now, three years on, she is able to do things that medics would never have thought possible.

The tot has a condition which means she has never been able to smile - and it is so rare that doctors are unable to diagnose exactly what it is.

Last February her mum Ciya Rutherford (21), who stays in Kirkcaldy, opened her heart to the Press about her daughter’s unique syndrome which has also left her unable to swallow.

At that time Kianna had a zimmer to help her walk and she was only just starting to learn sign language.

Now she not only knows a lot of sign language, but she is also able to run around the house!

Ciya said: “She can stand up herself and is always running about. She didn’t really like using the zimmer - she always wanted to try and walk on her own. She is very determined!

‘‘Her balance is amazing. She has started going to nursery which is really helping her and also goes to the majorettes - she loves twirling her baton!”

As Kianna can’t swallow she is still fed through a small tube four times a day. Ciya said tests are ongoing and doctors still don’t know exactly what her condition is:

“She is on medication and I give her antibiotics three days a week because she has chest infections regularly and pneumonia.

“She still goes to the Sick Kids Hospital for appointments.”

Ciya has a lot of support from family and continues to take Kianna to a special facility in Somerset where staff do special exercises with tots to improve their mobility.

Ciya added: “Kianna understands a lot more now and she is trying very hard to speak. I am amazed at her progress and can’t believe how much she has come on.

‘‘I don’t know what to expect as she grows up, I just take each day as it comes.”