Killer’s Buckhaven home set to be knocked down


THE Buckhaven home where evil dad Robert Thomson killed two of his own children looks set to be knocked down.

Fife Council is believed to be deep in negotiations with the Royal Bank of Scotland to take over Muiredge Cottage, with the intention that the site will be landscaped to make the entrance to the A955 from the Percival Road safer.

In 2004, two men lost their lives following a collision at the spot on Methilhaven Road, with another serious accident happening near the same stretch in July of last year.

Robin Presswood, Fife Council’s development services senior manager, confirmed: “We are conscious of the tragic circumstances surrounding this property and the council is currently exploring the possibility of acquiring this site.

“We would hope to demolish the property to remove the potential for a continued blight on the local area.

“Landscaping of the site would then take place.

“In the longer term, part of the land may be used to help improve road access in the area.”

Thomson is currently serving a 17-year jail term for the brutal stabbings of his daughter Michelle (25) and son Ryan (7) in May 2008.

After committing the murders, Thomson turned the knife on himself but botched his suicide attempt.

One of the area’s councillors, Andrew Rodger, said he’d back any efforts to improve the safety of the road for motorists.

He said: “I’ve been a councillor for 20 years and know we’ve had quite a few serious accidents in that area.

“I’m glad the council is acquiring the house and I’m sure the people of Buckhaven will be satisfied with it.

“I hope the road can be broadened out a bit.

“It’s obviously something that is very sad and is still really delicate, but I’m sure the council will handle it sensitively.”