Kinghorn buzzing for Referendum

Kinghorn residents were out in force casting their historic votes at lunchtime today.

A steady stream of voters lined up at Kinghorn Community Centre – the only polling station in the town – with good-natured banter the order of the day.

Referendum update

Referendum update

An on-duty policeman said the queues had been at their biggest at the start of the day, with around 30 voters queueing up, and he expected them to be busy again after 6.00 p.m.

With renovation works taking place at the centre, voters were directed in through the side entrance to the polling station, and at times there was a bit of congestion.

The Yes camp seemed to be out in full force and were certainly the most vocal as they welcomed voters in, while a more subdued No group was happy to remain in the background.

But there was no animosity shown, and the police said everything was going very smoothly, with people coming out of the centre quite happy to reveal to the Press how they had voted.