Kinghorn lifeboat crew assist in dolphin rescue

Kinghorn lifeboat crew helps rescue dolphins off Burntisland beach
Kinghorn lifeboat crew helps rescue dolphins off Burntisland beach

The crew of Kinghorn lifeboat was called on to help rescue a school of dolphins heading for Burntisland beach at the weekend.

The RNLI lifeboat volunteers were called out on Saturday night to assist in diverting the mammals away from the beach.

The volunteers, who had been enjoying their annual barbecue, were paged at 8.20pm to assist British Divers Marine Life Rescue personnel who had been battling since 3pm to coax a number of dolphins back to deeper water after they became stranded at Pettycur beach. The tide had then taken the distressed animals westwards to Burntisland bay where BDMLR medics were in the water trying to get the animals to safety.

The lifeboat was requested to act as safety cover and also to assist in the search for several dolphins.

Mark Brown, helmsman, said: “This was a different sort of callout for us. We were initially asked to look for a distressed dolphin off Lammerlaws point which the onshore teams had lost sight of.

“We then took two BDMLR divers onto the lifeboat to assist with coaxing a second dolphin out of Burntisland Bay. We managed to successfully get it to swim to deep water offshore, and this gave it the best chance of survival.

“Our final task was to search the beach area from Sandhills Caravan site, westwards, back to Burntisland, for a third animal. There was no sign of it, so hopefully it made it back to deeper water itself.

“This callout was a great example of teamwork between Kinghorn Coastguard Rescue Team, British Divers Marine Life Rescue and us. The Divers reckoned that we gave these dolphins the best chance of survival and helped prevent them dying on the beach.”

The crew was Mark Brown, Neil Chalmers, Henry Wibberley, Suzanne Baillie, and Steve Robinson.