Kinghorn lifeboat rescues injured dog

Kinghorn’s lifeboat crew was involved in a bit of a shaggy dog story at the weekend when it was called out to help rescue a family pet.

The lifeboat crew was preparing to launch on exercise just after noon when it was paged by the Coastguard with reports of a dog in the water at Cockenzie.

Kinghorn lifeboat. Photo by Kirsty McLachlan

Kinghorn lifeboat. Photo by Kirsty McLachlan

The volunteers were quickly on the scene and found a black Labrador on rocks just below the sea wall at the former Cockenzie power station.

The dog, called Jura, was helped on board the lifeboat and taken back to her very relieved owner at Cockenzie harbour.

Leanne Taylor, lifeboat helmsman, said: “The dog had fallen several metres and had a cut on her leg which was bleeding.

“We took her back to her owner at Cockenzie harbour where the pair were reunited.

“The owner did the right thing to call the coastguard rather than trying to rescue the dog himself.”

The crew on the callout was Leanne Taylor, Matthew Mulligan, Claire Duncan, Jodie Duchain, and John Ketchin.