Kinghorn lifeboat saves the lives of two men

Kinghorn lifeboat helped save the lives of two men who got into difficulty in the Firth of Forth on Saturday afternoon.
The rescued dinghy is brought ashoreThe rescued dinghy is brought ashore
The rescued dinghy is brought ashore

The volunteer crew had just finished cleaning the lifeboat following a training session when they received a request from Aberdeen Coastguard following a 999 call. The lifeboat was quickly launched to the Inchkeith area, where a search began.

Neil Chalmers, helmsman, said: “Information was limited with the casualty vessel unsure of its position. The Coastguard was able to establish that it thought the vessel was probably to the north east of the island.

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“We arrived around four minutes after launch, and began a search around the island. Fortunately our operations manager was looking out to the search area and further to the east, when he spotted a small vessel. We quickly made our way to the area where we spotted the vessel.

“The small 10-foot dinghy had two males on board. They were taken aboard the lifeboat, where they were found to be cold, but uninjured. The two men were provided with lifejackets, and the dinghy was taken in tow back to Kinghorn, where Kinghorn Coastguard’s rescue team was on hand to assist.

“The wind had picked up during the men’s trip from Pettycur to Inchkeith, and combined with engine failure, the small boat had begun drifting eastwards. The boat was located almost two miles east of the island, near the main shipping channel.

“We would always recommend that people are properly prepared before setting out on trips like this, especially on open water, such as the Forth. Necessary equipment should also include lifejackets, a VHF radio, flares, suitable all-weather clothing, a well maintained engine and a craft suitable for the conditions.

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“Fortunately this callout had a successful outcome, with no loss of life, although both men were lucky that they were able to call for help on their mobile.”

The lifeboat crew on the rescue was Neil Chalmers, Megan Davidson, Richard Malcomson, Paul Stather and Steve Robinson.

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