Kinghorn owner reunited with Ziggy the cat after his 50-mile roundtrip

Ailsa Rolland with Ziggy, who went missing for three weeks. Picture by Fife Photo Agency.
Ailsa Rolland with Ziggy, who went missing for three weeks. Picture by Fife Photo Agency.

A Kinghorn cat which went missing almost a month ago has been returned home safe and well after being found by a family in West Lothian!

But Ziggy the Arabian Mau’s 50 mile round trip is nothing to him as he and his three-legged brother Snowball came to Kinghorn last year from Abu Dhabi, 4000 miles away.

And his owner Ailsa Rolland believes her beloved pet, who was born a stray in a plantpot, must have got itchy paws and decided to see a bit more of Scotland, when he went missing.

“I think he must have got into a van or a car and gone on an adventure,” said the primary school teacher, who lives in the town’s Church Walk.

Ziggy’s rescuers only discovered how far he had ventured after reading his story on the Fife Free Press’ website FifeToday and getting in touch with Ailsa to let her know her beloved moggy was safe and living the life of luxury in their home in Uphall.

“I realised after he went missing that the microchip he has was put in overseas and was useless to anyone trying to find out where he was from,” explained Ailsa.

“He was found by a lovely couple, the Conners, who had been talking to their neighbour. When Ziggy saw the open door he bolted in. He kept running back in the house, so they decided to check him out at the vet. Seemingly he had been living in people’s garages and had eaten one person’s naan breads! He was referred to as the crazy cat.”

Mrs Conner looked online to check for lost cats and saw the article in the Press, but dismissed it as it was so far away. He was eventually traced as Ailsa had logged Ziggy’s details with various microchip companies.

And she and Ziggy had an emotional reunion at the weekend when she drove to Uphall to collect him.

“He is tired and was thinner than when he left, but none the worse for his adventure, and I have now purchased a tracking device which will be firmly attached to his collar,” she said.