Kinghorn post office reopens

Kinghorn post office
Kinghorn post office

Kinghorn post office has re-opened today, exactly a month after it closed “due to a technical problem.”

The facility, within the Day Today store in Rossland Place, was forced to close following an audit, when a power cut knocked its computer system out, along with all the other electrical supplies, including its card machines.

Councillor Susan Leslie

Councillor Susan Leslie

Engineers were called out to investigate, but it was only yesterday that the repair to the system was able to be carried out, leaving villagers without their post office services for a month.

Repeated attempts by local councillor Susan Leslie to get to the bottom of the problem were met with a lack of information, leaving customers also in the dark.

Welcoming the return of the service today, Councillor Leslie said: “I am very glad to see it back up and running, but I am very unhappy with the time it has taken and I have passed my concerns on to the chief executive of the Post Office and asked for a full report into what the problem was and why it took so long to fix it.”

A post office worker, who did not wish to be named told the Press: “The engineer who was repairing the system had to come up from Manchester and then parts had to be ordered. It was fixed yesterday and we are delighted to be back up and running today.

“Lots of our customers have been saying they are glad we are back too.”

One customer told the Press: “I am so glad it is back again. I have had to travel through to Burntisland twice a week on public transport since it closed and that has cost me £10, which is a lot when you don’t have a lot.

“It has been a nightmare and I don’t know how something could take that long to fix.”

A spokesman for the Post Office said: “We are pleased to confirm that Kinghorn Post Office has now reopened and is trading as normal, we would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused during the period of temporary closure, this was due to an operational issue.”