Kinglassie junction fears trigger petition

Over 300 pepole have so far signed a petition calling for a re-think of the Cluny Road junction. Pic: FPA
Over 300 pepole have so far signed a petition calling for a re-think of the Cluny Road junction. Pic: FPA

A petition calling for a safety re-think of a notorious road junction close to Kinglassie has already gathered over 300 signatures.

Independent Glenrothes councillor Bill Brown has added his support to the growing number of people wanting safety improvements at the B922 Cluny Road junction.

There have been long-standing safety concerns over the T-junction, which joins the main B921 Glenrothes to Kinglassie road, because of the difficulty for drivers wanting to turn right.

Cllr Brown told the Gazette he had been contacted by many constituents who have called for more to be done to make the junction safer.

“I know that hundreds of people use this road every day and it is not a safe junction,” said Cllr Brown.

“There are near misses nearly every single day with people taking risks to get out of the junction.”

The main concern is centrered on the junction being positioned just after the B921 changes from a dual carraigeway to a single lane road.

With many motorists still travelling at high speed, drivers turning right are often jumping through gaps in traffic flow in order to get across.

Cllr Brown is now calling on Fife Council to take the concerns seriously and consider improving the junction with either a range of traffic calming measures, a roundabout or traffic lights.

“When I approached transportation someone told me ‘we don’t want people to use this route, they should use the A92’.

“However, lots of people use this road and we need to make sure it’s safe.”

The online petition has also got the backing of the Kinglassie Community Council and the town’s Action Group which has backed the safety calls.

Fife Council refused to give any indication of the estimated cost for traffic lights, roundabout construction and other traffic calming options, when asked.

However, Dave Frew, service manager for Fife Council’s transport networks and travel choices department, told the Gazette: “This area was investigated a few years ago but no changes are planned at the moment.

“When the petition is submitted, we’ll review it and respond appropriately.”