Kinglassie tower to come under focus

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Kinglassie MSP Tricia Marwick has secured a visit from Historic Scotland to inspect one of the most historical buildings in the local area – Blythe’s Tower.

Built in 1812, Blythe’s Tower on Redwells Hill is a four storey square tower built of random rubble with ashlar string courses and a crenelated parapet. A category B listed building, the tower was used by a linen merchant to view ships as they entered the Forth and later used as a look-out tower by the Home Guard during World War Two.

Blythe's Tower, 1812, Kinglassie near Glenrothes

Blythe's Tower, 1812, Kinglassie near Glenrothes

However, when in discussions with Kinglassie Action Group recently, Mrs Marwick was advised that Blythe’s Tower is deteriorating badly and is in urgent in need of refurbishment.

Following this, Mrs Marwick wrote to Historic Scotland to ask them what assistance they could provide. A senior official has now agreed to inspect Blythe’s Tower and this visit will take place next month.

Mrs Marwick said: “I am delighted that Historic Scotland has agreed to visit Blythe’s Tower near Kinglassie.

“Blythe’s Tower is one of the most historical buildings in the Kinglassie area and as a result of this, the village’s community has a fond attachment to it. However, I understand that the building has deteriorated over the years and is now in dire need of refurbishment.

“I therefore contacted Historic Scotland and asked them to provide what support they could to the restoration of Blythe’s Tower. I am pleased that Historic Scotland has responded favourably to my request and a senior official will now visit Blythe’s Tower shortly.

“Having worked so productively with Historic Scotland recently regarding the town art in Glenrothes, I know this organisation is committed to protecting and promoting heritage sites in our communities. I hope the forthcoming visit by Historic Scotland will begin the process of returning Blythe’s Tower to its former glory.”