Kinross re-vamp plans could prove ‘a disaster’

Kinross High Street
Kinross High Street

An ambitious blueprint for the future of Kinross has been attacked by an environmental watchdog as potentially ‘disastrous’ for the town.

Perth and Kinross councillors are due to consider the Kinross Public Realm Improvements project on January 14.

Drawn up by local authority planners, it aims to regenerate Kinross town centre, address car parking issues and improve safety on the High Street.

But Kinross-shire Civic Trust has submitted an official objection, claiming that unless radical amendments are made, the plans will have a detrimental effect on business and tourism as well as compromise the safety of residents.

And the organisation claims that the council has failed to carry out sufficient consultation over the project, which includes a controversial proposal to create a ‘town square’.

The council, however, says that public exhibitions were held in 2012, 2013 and, most recently, in November, with regular updates being provided to local community representatives. It insists that feedback will be taken into consideration when the plan is considered next Wednesday.

In its letter of objection, the Civic Trust claims that local businesses are concerned that the plans, which are designed to discourage vehicles from using the High Street, could lead to a drop in trade and that the town square idea is ‘seriously flawed’.