Kirkcaldy artist launches new comic

Andy Magee, left, and Barry Lumsden. Picture: Fife Photo Agency
Andy Magee, left, and Barry Lumsden. Picture: Fife Photo Agency

Fife has a new superhero, who has been unveiled with the launch of a fantasy comic.

By day, mild mannered Kirkcaldy man Barry Lumsden is a painter and decorator but, by night, he writes and illustrates Iron Wolf.

Barry (39) hopes fantasy and sci-fi fans will enjoy the comics, dubbed a cross between Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.

Iron Wolf number 1 has now gone on sale in shops across Fife, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Barry described the titular hero and the world he inhabits. He said: “He’s a Lycan King, a bit like a werewolf, and he’s started a world senate, with a lot of different races in the group, like elves and goblins.

“He’s got all these groups recruited and he wants to recruit a neanderthal group – who used to war with his father.

“He married an elf princess, so because they’re different races there are people in his kingdom who want him dead as well.”

And with a whole world planned out, inspiration has never been a problem for Barry.

“It’s something that comes naturally to me since I was really young,” he said.

“In my head I’ve got about 100 comics to write.

“It expands and then I’m able to go off into different characters, but the first four comics focus on Iron Wolf.

“I kind of just go with the flow. I wake up in the morning and I either write or illustrate before I have breakfast.”

And Barry is already planning to showcase his work at some large comic cons next year: “I’ve got Edinburgh in April, and one in Miami in July, which is expecting over 50,000 people,” he said.

Andy Magee of Kingdom Comics on Kirkcaldy High Street, said he was delighted to stock Iron Wolf.

“I think it’s really important to support local artists and writers. Scotland’s got quite a good international reputation for producing good quality artists and writers that have gone on to do major things.

“I’m always happy to buy copies from local artists to help them out where I can.”

Iron Wolf is also available in Little Shop of Heroes in Dunfermline, and Forbidden Planet in Edinburgh and Glasgow.