Kirkcaldy author turned her dream into book

Cassie with her book
Cassie with her book

Kirkcaldy woman Cassie Kennedy has just published her first books – after taking the plot from a recurring dream!

Five years ago the administrator and trainee counsellor with Fife Alcohol Advisory Service (FAAS) had the same dream over the span of a week.

And the story and images from the dream were so strongly imprinted in her mind that she began to write it down, eventually using her writing to form the basis of a trilogy of books called The Kinship Chronicles.

The “adventure fantasy”, described as similar to The Hunger Games, is aimed at young adults, and Cassie (41), says that being able to release her imagination through her writing has been a “liberating and amazing experience.”

She completed the first two books of the trilogy fairly quickly, but life and work intervened and the third part took a bit longer than she expected.

However she has now published all three books on Amazon and is very proud of her accomplishment.

“I had the same dream over a week about twins who were separated at birth and who set out to find each other again after ending up in different worlds,” she explained.

“I didn’t set out to write a book, I just wanted to capture the dream and it turned into a series of short stories which then led to one book, then another and finally the third in the complete story.

“I loved writing when I was younger and I’ve always been fairly creative, but I didn’t think I would ever achieve writing my own book.”

The former Kirkcaldy High School pupil, who is currently studying psychology as well as working with FAAS, has now caught the creative bug and, as well as working on another book based around her own family and Fife’s heritage and history, she plans to hold a creative workshop in October to encourage other people to explore their creative talents.

“I believe everyone has a creative side, whether that is writing, poetry, sculpture or whatever and they just need the chance to explore it,” she said.

“I am very excited about The Kinship Chronicles and my new book which is going to be called The Toll Key. I am doing a lot of research for it at Kirkcaldy Galleries and the staff there have been extremely helpful.

“I just want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout this. I’ve had a lot of encouragement from people on social media and the support has helped me a great deal in writing my book.”