Kirkcaldy barbershop urges townsfolk to get behind beach clean

Jamie (left) and Mark with the clothes they collected for the homelssJamie (left) and Mark with the clothes they collected for the homelss
Jamie (left) and Mark with the clothes they collected for the homelss
The owner of Kirkcaldy barber shop Revolution is urging people to stop moaning about the state of the town and take action to make improvements.

Mark Reynolds and his friend Jamie Steele, a well-known local musician, are organising a huge beach clean taking in a stretch of the coastline from Dysart to Burntisland – and they want as many people as possible to join them.

The pair, who have already done a lot of work to help the homeless, are planning to set up teams of volunteers to collect litter and debris from the beaches on Sunday, April 7, with a truck to collect the rubbish at the end.

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And volunteers are being promised food and beer back at the barber shop after all their hard work.

Mark said: “I have a boat in Kirkcaldy harbour, an English bulldog who loves the beach and a good following of like-minded people on the Facebook page so I thought we’d get a beach clean going. Word has spread and I think it should be a good turn out.

“If it works there’s no reason we can’t do this every year to get the beach ready for the summer.

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“I hear all the time how the beach is a mess, so lets clean it up.”

Jamie added: “I’m bored of the talk about this sort of thing – it just needs to happen. With all the shops shutting down and bad news this might give people something a bit more positive to focus on.

“I can walk to Morrisons along the beach. Not many people can say that. I feel mad proud of where I stay and I want to give something back.”

Details of meeting points will be given on the Facebook page nearer the time.