Kirkcaldy bra campaign set for a ‘Cube’ style lock-in

The success of the Smeaton  breast cancer campaign has spurred organisers on to raise even more money.
The success of the Smeaton breast cancer campaign has spurred organisers on to raise even more money.

The resounding success of the ‘Bras For Breast Cancer’ campaign has meant organisers are about to launch phase two of their fund-raising efforts.

Residents in the Smeaton community of Kirkcaldy have become the talk of the town in recent weeks since they started collecting bras and raising funds to help a neighbour who has just been diagnosed with the illness.

And with the campaign raising community spirits to unprecedented levels and their efforts attracting celebrity support from the likes of television star Lorraine Kelly, chief organiser Vicki Lister has told the Fife Free Press “there is no stopping us now”.

“This last month has been incredible and a little bit mental too, but out of that we’ve raised nearly £4000 and people have been coming to us with loads of ideas to keep it going, ” Vicki explained.

“That’s why next Wednesday we launch phase two of our campaign.”

Vicki and her fellow campaigners are planning to follow in the footsteps of famous illusionist David Blaine and lock themselves inside a specially - made perspex box, similar to the one use on the hit TV series The Cube.

“I plan to stay in there for for up to 12 hours will only be released once a £1000 has been raised,” said Vicki.

Whatsmore, campaigners have secured the support of a host of local politicians councillor Kay Carrington and MSP David Torrance of which have agreed to enter the ‘cube’ in a bid to boost fund-raising.

“Some have suggested we’d raise more if we just locked them in the box and threw away the key, but joking aside the support of councillors and our MSP has been truly amazing and while on the face of it much of what we do is seen as a laugh, there is a serious message about breast cancer awareness, behind everything we do,” said Vicki.

With Fife Council having approved the necessary paperwork and insurance, the unique stunt is set to take place outside the Town House in Kirkcaldy from 8am next Wednesday, November 4.

For more details on the campaign, ways to make a donation and up and coming events, or to place a bid on Lorraine Kelly’s bra which is currently being auctioned, go to the campaigners ‘Bras For Breast Cancer’ Facebook page.