Kirkcaldy businessman comes to aid of Glenrothes veteran trapped in own home

Andrew was stuck in his house (left), before the new ramp was installed.
Andrew was stuck in his house (left), before the new ramp was installed.

Last week we told you how veteran Andrew Grant was trapped in his own home, fearing for his life in the event of a fire.

Now, the former Gordon Highlander (75) is sitting outside his home enjoying the fresh air for the first time since being discharged home from Ninewells Hospital two months ago.

Andrew had to have his lower left leg amputated as a result of diabetic complications, but, being confined to a wheelchair, and no ramped access to his front door, he was trapped indoors.

Andrew told how he had been fighting with Fife Council to get the adaptations he needed, but felt he was getting nowhere.

However, local businessman James Herd, himself a veteran, and now owner of Herds Happy Homes, a property maintenance service based in Kirkcaldy, was so appalled by what he read, he decided to supply and fit the ramp Andrew needed.

And, as if the offer wasn’t enough, it was all done and completed within four hours – no fuss, no red tape and no paperwork!

Andrew told us: “This is absolutely amazing, the fact that someone had read the article and felt they wanted to help me and my predicament.

“It’s been such a hugely stressful time since getting out of hospital, and the fact I couldn’t get out was starting to take a heavy toll on me and my health.

“It’s so frustrating being a prisoner in your own home. I couldn’t see friends, family, neighbours even. It also meant I had to constantly rely on people passing my window to come to my aid.

“I mean, how crazy is it when you have to alert a passer-by by knocking on the window and signalling them to come to the door to help.

“I am just so full of thanks and admiration to James at Herds Happy Homes – he’s made my home a very happy place to be.”