Kirkcaldy businessman hits out at verges ‘eyesore’

Mr Blankenstein highlights his concerns. Pic: FPA
Mr Blankenstein highlights his concerns. Pic: FPA

A Kirkcaldy businessman has hit out at the state of the verges on the road between Kirkcaldy and Cluny which he says will put new businesses off moving in.

And Martin Blankenstein (63), who has run commercial ventures in Kirkcaldy over several decades, says the feet high weeds and blocked drains are compromising the good work carried out by drinks giant Diageo which spent tens of thousands of pounds on its new premises off the B981.

He has called on Fife Council to take action to upgrade the area which includes a new network of public footpaths to encourage walkers.

Mr Blankenstein, owner of Keddie’s Pram Shop in Kirkcaldy, has warehouse facilities in Cluny and travels the road regularly. He says the state of the grass verges has deteriorated over the past few years.

“On one side of the footpath you have the lovely, tidy grass verge which is maintained by Diageo and on the other side you have an overgrown mess of weeds which are now feet high.

“In April the council cut back the verges which were all overgrown. However the cuttings with all the seeds from the weeds were left, making the path slippy and dangerous. They were then washed into the gulleys and blocked the drains. The weeds have grown back worse than ever, and that side looks terrible, while the other side looks cared for.”

Damien Woods, parks service manager, said: “Due to reduced budgets we have had to make some difficult choices to ensure that we deliver services to meet the needs of a range of audiences. This includes cutting grass verges in rural areas less often in order to maintain them.”