Kirkcaldy cinema campaign: Clear call for more entertainment in town

As the campaign to bring a cinema to Kirkcaldy continues, it’s clearly picking up momentum.

The people of Kirkcaldy, and the surrounding areas, are united in their support for a new cinema in the town.

David Torrance backing our cinema campaign.

David Torrance backing our cinema campaign.

We have the backing of politicians from across the political spectrum, and the public too!

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The focus is very much on the owner of the Mercat Shopping Centre, La Salle Investments.

With the proposed site down at Kirkcaldy’s waterfront, the old swimming pool building has been almost completely demolished to make way for a possible cinema.

But merely ‘possible’ isn’t good enough. that’s why the Press is collecting signatures on a petition, urging La Salle to do everything in their power to attract a cinema operator.

The more signatures we get, the louder the voice we have when it comes to showing a potential operator that Kirkcaldy is the perfect choice.

For many it’s a no brainer. The everyday people of Kirkcaldy know it makes sense.

Given the way movies are marketed, the film-going experience is often aimed at young adults as an audience.

In Kirkcaldy students would make up a large part of the targeted market.

A cinema, along with the accompanying eateries and other outlets, is the kind of place that would draw young people.

Speaking with some students at Fife College, there’s a clear enthusiasm for more entertainment in the town.

Danny Edwards is one who’d like to see more options in Kirkcaldy.

“Kirkcaldy should have a cinema,” he said.

“It would bring something to the town for people to do, as there aren’t many attractions to go to.

“It would bring more population, which brings in more money for the area.

“At the moment if I want to go to the cinema it means I have to travel to Dunfermline, Edinburgh, or Glenrothes.”

When asked about the proposed location for a cinema on the site of the old swimming pool, Danny agrees it’s the right choice.

“It would be a good spot. It looks over the waterfront, I think it would be quite nice.”

Students Annalise Hughs and Fiona Howe also feel it would be a boost for the area.

“I’d like to see a cinema in Kirkcaldy,” said Annalise.

“It would be better for people who live here instead of going miles and spending money on buses.

“I think it would bring more people into the town centre, bringing more business to the town.”

“I find it weird that Kirkcaldy doesn’t have a cinema, considering how big the town is,” adds Fiona.

“Glenrothes has one in the town centre. Kirkcaldy should have a cinema.

“I think a lot of people would use it because it means less travel – it would definitely get used.

“Other businesses would benefit too.”

Kirkcaldy MSP David Torrance is in no doubt over the importance of a new cinema to the town.

“I’m supporting the Fife Free Press campaign to bring a cinema to Kirkcaldy.

“Many people in Kirkcaldy will remember the old swimming pool, which is now being demolished.

“I feel this is the perfect site for a cinema, it’s centrally located and ideally position to increase footfall in the High Street area.

“It’ll help regenerate the town centre.

“It’s vitally important that we make it happen because of the extra retail that comes with it, especially food outlets.

“It’ll also create jobs, not only at the cinema itself, but in the night-time economy, through all the pubs and restaurants which would benefit as well.

“I would urge everyone in Kirkcaldy and the surrounding area to sign the petition, share it online.”

Copies of the petition can be found online at – or paper copies are available from our office in Carlyle House, Carlyle Road.