Kirkcaldy continental market faces move into town square

Kirkcaldy Continental Market on the High Street
Kirkcaldy Continental Market on the High Street

Councillors push for new location away from High St

Kirkcaldy’s Continental Market should be moved from the High Street to the Town Square - if the event goes ahead this spring.

But the decision, favoured by town councillors, has angered Ali Yaich, market organiser, who claims he hasn’t been given a chance to give his views.

The move comes just three months after he vented his anger at Fife Council after being told to move the market OUT of the High Street to the Town Square last November.

He said the ‘‘last minute’’ switch came with no consultation.

Now, once again, councillors have opted not to support the market returning to the High Street from April 30 to May 4 as they feel it would be detrimental to retailers.

Instead they again favour ed staging it in the Town Square.

Mr Yaich said: “No-one has told us the reason behind this decision and we haven’t been consulted.

‘‘The market is not competing with local businesses - we sell buffalo and ostrich burgers as well as crafts from Thailand which shops in Kirkcaldy don’t.

‘‘It wouldn’t be worthwhile having the market in the Town Square as it is not a good area to attract customers.”

Kirkcaldy Area Committee also considered plans from Kirkcaldy4All to use the pedestrianised area of the High Street for an Adam Smith Food Festival on June 6, 7 and 8.

It would form part of the 2014 Adam Smith Festival.

The committee supported the application as it was educational and designed to promote the town centre as a place to visit rather than being a commercial venture.

Councillor Neil Crooks said: “The feedback we’ve had from retailers about the market has been negative.

“At this time we need to support our retailers in the High Street.

“The other application is a different matter because it is educational and it celebrates the life of Adam Smith.”

He added: “It might bring people into the town centre and is less of a threat to retailers.”

‘Not suitable for High Street...’

Councillor David Ross said if the products sold at the market were of the same quality as they were when it first came to the High Street the stallholders would be welcomed back to the town centre.

Councillor Kay Carrington said: “I would consider supporting the market in the Town Square away from the shopping experience people are trying to enjoy in the town centre. The market isn’t suitable for the High Street.”