Kirkcaldy drug courier jailed for 44 months

Glasgow High Court
Glasgow High Court

A Kirkcaldy drug courier who was caught with heroin and cocaine with a maximum street value of more than £110,000 has been jailed for 44 months.

Bryan Walker (29), of Almond Place, admitted being involved in the supply of the two drugs between February 10 and March 4, last year.

The High Court in Glasgow heard today (Friday) that Walker was followed on March 4, 2014, after police received a tip-off that he was due to transport a significant quantity of drugs.

At around 6.00 p.m. he left his home and got into the front seat of a silver Mitsubishi car driven by a friend.

Walker was driven to an address in Westwood Avenue, Kirkcaldy where he got out and went into the premises and returned carrying a green carrier bag which looked half full.

He then got back in the car placing the bag under the front passenger seat.

The car drove off and headed on the M90 towards Perth and Dundee.

It was stopped at 6.30 p.m. between junctions eight and nine of the M90 by police.

Inside the green carrier bag they found a half kilo of heroin and a quarter kilo of cocaine and a quarter kilo of mixing agent benzocaine.

Walker’s home was then searched and £500 in cash, a tick list and more cocaine and benzocaine was found, along with scales which had traces of cocaine, heroin and benzocaine.

Texts from Walker’s phone showed evidence of people trying to source drugs from him. Two texts were sent after the accused was in police custody.

Drugs experts valued the drugs found in Walker’s possession as having a maximum street value of £111,700.

Solicitor advocate Gordon Martin, defending, said: “At the time he had been drinking and taking cocaine and became involved in this escapade.

“He served in the forces and worked as a store fitter. He is determined to turn his life around and doesn’t want to get into any more trouble.”

Judge Johanna Johnston QC told Walker: “I will take into account your record shows a relative lack of offending and you have a good work record.”