Kirkcaldy Esplanade roars into life with 2 Fife 2 Furious

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Over 1000 cars roared their engines on Kirkcaldy Esplanade on Saturday night.

The seafront was a riot of noise and colour as stereos boomed and car horns blared at the 2 Fife 2 Furious event organised by car enthusiasts from the groups N/A Nonsense and Team VIP.

The entire Esplanade was closed off for the event which featured classics such as Ferraris and Porches as well as souped up cars on display as enthusiasts from the length and breadth of the UK came to the Lang Toun.

Proceedings began at 5.00 p.m. with a drift display from some of the UK’s top professional drivers at the Basin car park.

It’s estimated that up to 1500 cars took part in the event with up to 5000 spectators taking in the sights and sounds.

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