Kirkcaldy farmer’s market on the up

Kirkcaldy Farmer's Market
Kirkcaldy Farmer's Market

ORGANISERS of Kirkcaldy’s Farmer’s Market have thanked locals for their support to help keep the event going in the town.

The positive move comes just months after fears were raised the monthly market was in danger of folding due to a drop in customers.

But Barbara Wardlaw, secretary of Fife Farmer’s Market, which co-ordinates the event, told The Press she has since been delighted with the response form the local community in supporting the market.

She said: “Earlier this year the Press reported we may close down due to lack of support.


‘‘But since then Fife Council and the local community have offered their support - and as a result the market has grown with several new stallholders being introduced.

‘‘We have new flower, herb, jewellery and art stalls which give our customers more variety. They are now getting more than just food produce.

‘‘That makes the market more attractive. ‘‘

She added: ‘Since it was reported the market was losing support we have had a lot of our regular customers coming back to help us out.

‘‘It shows the town really wants us here.”


From the start of the year through to April, the market - which sets up in the square outside the Town House in Wemyssfield - had been quieter and organisers were was worried they would start to lose stallholders.

Now they are more upbeat about the rest of the year.

Barbara said: “There aren’t any guarantees, but hopefully we can appeal to locals and visitors to come along so we can keep improving on our numbers.

‘‘I attended a recent traders meeting with Fife Council and everyone was really supportive.

“We will give it another three months and review our position again in September so we can see how it goes.”